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    Episode 1 of our video news show: Heartline, Episode 1


    Looking forward to our final week . . .

    Coming up:  THE MUSICALS!  THE ARTS FESTIVAL!  (See Important News)

    Don’t forget to buy tickets for our 50/50 Raffle.  The winner receives 50% of all the proceeds (the rest benefits CAA’s Scholarship Fund for campers).  The winner will be pulled on the final day of camp, 7/31!

  • Important Camp Information

    Main office #:  212-722-4745 x214

    Building 406 #:  212-722-4745 x734

    LOCATION: Sacred Heart, 1 East 91st Street and 406 East 91st Street, NYC

    CAMP DATES:  Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 31, 2015

    THE MUSICALS:  Caper and I Am, Thursday, July 30th, 6:00pm

    THE ARTS FESTIVAL:  Friday, 7/31, 9am-12:30pm. Click here for Arts Festival Schedule.

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    DON’T FORGET!  There’s no gum.  There’s no nuts!  You must always pack a lunch (and a drink).  Flip-flops aren’t recommended.


  • CAA Overview

    Creative Arts Summer CampCreative Arts & Athletics, founded in 1982, offers boys and girls ages 6-15 an opportunity to explore arts and athletics in an encouraging environment that cultivates expression. Our campers come from all over the city and beyond. The major subject areas at CAA are Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Athletics, and Technology.

    8-15 Choice Program: Campers are in school all year doing what they must. Camp is a time when you get to do what you WANT. And at CAA, you don’t choose just one thing. You choose 7 in-depth, fun, interactive, exciting classes over the course of camp. These classes are taught by teachers who self-design their classes and activities. In essence, they are doing what they love, and this passion, this curiosity, this expertise is passed on to our campers in an environment that is accepting, encouraging and challenging. We love it when campers try new things.

    5-7 CAA Kids Club: How can you choose what you like best when you don’t know what’s out there? Our Kids Club program is designed to give young campers both a safe, secure atmosphere and a varied experience to discover more “likes”! When they’re ready to move into the 8-15 program, they have the confidence to choose their classes, travel independently, and have a better sense of what gives them joy.

    HATTER’S BALL 2015

    Thank you, donors and guests, for a magical evening this February 27th.  The 2015 Hatter’s Ball raised over $55,000 that will go toward need-based scholarships for our campers.  For more info, go to our scholarship page.

    2015 Hatter's Ball

    Kevin Kline, Alumni Award recipient Greta Kline, Suzanne Walsh, Phoebe Cates-Kline, Rosanne Cash

    2015 Hatter's Ball

    2015 Hatter's Ball

    2015 Hatter's Ball

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